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Preposterous Pondering.

Who is this dame anyway? October 6, 2009

It all started when I saved that baby from a burning building. Okay, it really all started when I climbed Mount Everest. No wait–when I got a boob job. Alright, fine. Like most writers I got inspired to create this blog when I thought I might actually lose my mind if I didn’t keyboard vomit what I was going through. Specifically, I needed to try and capture the humor and absurdity of my new existence as a parent. It’s not a very heroic beginning, but it’s the truth.

Now I’m mostly through the initial shock of parenthood and on to other adventures such as yoga teach training and trying to do the splits in this lifetime. Jury’s out if that’s ever going to happen…

I have a bit of a reputation for saying things most people wouldn’t say out loud. With the encouragement of some admired women in my life, I realize that I won’t make it through motherhood or life if I always pretend things are perfect and that I am never scared or annoyed or confused. I am not doing anyone favors if I don’t say my piece and I should embrace my pension for swearing as part of the unique beauty of my voice. So fuck shit damn.

As a mother, my goal is to be the kind of mom whose daughters don’t avoid my calls the majority of the time. I want them to want to live close to me when they have a family of their own. I want them to view me as a friend and a trusted advisor, and a safe haven. As a woman, with the responsibility of wife and mother, I want to maintain an identity and a voice that is not solely intertwined with serving and pleasing others and doing what society demands. I want to follow my passions; learning and exploration being my number one hobby, yoga and writing right behind…

I work and live and play on the West Coast, which is truly a place for thinkers and rebels and rejects of numerous varieties. For a living, I help people reach their goals. I have been married for ten years and together with my husband for fourteen, which has also been a gift and adventure. Of course my greatest gifts are my daughters; Sofia who has shockingly survived under my watch to the ripe age of 7, and our newest addition Ellie, who is making all of our lives brighter and almost 3.

In the meantime, there are just some things that I need to get off my rather voluptuous and awesome chest. You should know that I write this blog as if no one is reading it. If you are reading it, I hope you get some laughs and reassurance and intellectual stimulation from my scribbles.

You will like this blog if you:

  • like swear words
  • are interested in things you can’t see, but are definitely real
  • aren’t afraid of poop
  • like to think, but without taking anything too seriously

You may not like this blog if you are:

  • uncomfortable with the word vagina
  • devoutly religious
  • without a sense of humor
  • a paramecium

Proceed with caution!


3 Responses to “Who is this dame anyway?”

  1. Susan Says:

    Just wanted to tell you that I love your writing!

  2. Krista Says:

    wait, I DID want to know when you lost your V-card…!

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