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Motivational Lying March 13, 2011

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Today we caught a glimpse of the news, which is odd for us because we usually rely on The Daily Show for the real story, like most yuppie hipster democrats. Anyway, the story discussed how a man died in the Tsunami because he refused to evacuate. Unfortunately Sofia’s awareness of death is quite high, why I don’t know, but she asked us “why did he get killed?”

The least complicated answer we could come up with was that “he didn’t listen.” At this explanation Sofia’s eyes widened and she said, “So you mean that if you don’t listen, you get killed?”

There was a decision to be made. We could seize the opportunity to scare our kid into listening to us for as long as it took her to figure out our technicality, OR we could calm her. After considering it for a good 30 seconds, and laughing our asses off, we conceded to calm her fears that every time she was naughty, she’d be struck down dead.

It seems a natural part of parenting to lie to your kids for their own good, or perhaps exaggerate a bit. Santa and the Easter Bunny aren’t real. Your teeth don’t all fall out if you don’t brush your teeth, and you probably wouldn’t get electrocuted if you touched a light socket.

Alas, I figure I’ll save the terrifying lie card for something more important like “where do babies come from?” Another alternative would be to go Arrested Development style and hire a one-armed man to be the family lesson giver. Tempting.



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