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Visual Moments in Motherhood September 14, 2010

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To make my blog more equal opportunity for you visual learners out there, I now include a weekly post of an image that comes up when I google “mother image.” Because I am well-read and classy I then enlighten you by interpreting how the image captures real moments in Motherhood.

This week:

Portrait of the Artist's Mother

Eesh. A well-balanced mother has to have many facets to her personality. There is the creative arts-and-crafts-side, the compassionate snuggling side, the playful side, the responsible housekeeping and cooking side and the disciplinarian. Guess which one this is.

The disciplinarian must look fierce, hence the lack of soft features like wispy hair or rosy cheeks. Baggy eyes, dead stare and a hooded cape add a layer of realism, letting the youngling know, “Mommy is tired and about to lose her shit.” This is the warning face, the “if you do that one more time I’m going to X (insert preferred method of punishment here)” or “if you don’t do X, I will X you like you wouldn’t believe.”


The Showdown December 25, 2009

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Let me just release you from any suspense in this blog–I lost the showdown.

I tried to discipline my two-year-old because she has not been listening to Mommy lately. She has gotten sassier, saying”I don’t want to” and since I was home all week and had the opportunity to actually mother my child, I figured I’d give the old time-out a try and start setting some boundaries before she runs my life in all the wrong ways and generally grows up to be a wanton slut because I never gave her time-out (and my husband and I have already decided not to spank).

The time out turned into an hour long battle, in which I was incredibly stressed and destroyed by guilt and still did not get the apology I was seeking, and Sofia ended up shirtless in a corner with self-inflicted bite marks on her arm and not understanding why I was being so mean to her.

And all this was because she wouldn’t put away her puppy dog. Definitely not fucking worth it.

I have decided it is too soon to use time-outs. I thought I was doing everything that SuperNanny would have instructed–I was firm, I said why she was in time out and said what she had to do to get out (apologize) but she just would not. The guilt I felt was ridiculous–I felt like I was inflicting harm on my child for no GOOD reason–it is not really that important to me if she picks up her puppy if it means she cries for an hour straight and gets so stressed out that she bites her own arm.

Maybe I did it wrong? Maybe she is too young? I have no idea. I would welcome any advice out there…I am afraid that if I don’t figure this one out, I’ll be lost forever!


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