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Confessional November 17, 2009

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I am not Catholic but I do believe in the power of confession.

1. My kid watches too much T.V. I try and make myself feel better about this because she does only watch PBS and the occasional Pixar film. Still, she watches T.V. more than she plays outside or reads books. If her brain turns to mush  or she becomes fat and diabetic, I will know this is my fault.

2. I have fed my child McDonald’s. I live within a block of McDonald’s and I am too damn tired to make dinner every night and I need a cheap way to eat out. If she becomes fat or diabetic, I will know this is one of the reasons why. (And it is also my fault.) I also really enjoy watching her eat cupcakes.

3. I know it is vain and horrible but I am pleased that my kid is adorable and I think she is cuter than about 50% of the other kids I know. I know it is not a competition, but I am glad my kid looks amazing.

4. I am more confused now about pretty much everything, but mostly what it means to be a good mother, what it means to be a strong woman, and what is important in my life. I thought I might have more figured out by this time (since Sofia is almost 2 and I am almost 30) but I have not.

5.  I have lied to my husband about whose turn it was to change the poopy diaper. I know this is not nice, yet I figure since he is not keeping track, he could deal with a little more poop and give me a break. I have also pretended not to know that Sofia was poopy, and conveniently disappeared knowing that he will discover the “deposit” and change the diaper–even if it’s my turn. Catholic friends–how many hail Mary’s is that I wonder?

6. I don’t care if my kid hates sitting on Santa’s lap. I love Christmas and she needs to learn to love Christmas too.

7. I am totally jealous of moms who get skinny after their babies. But, I don’t hold it against them.

I feel better.


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