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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift June 15, 2011

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Father’s and Mother’s Day are made up holidays that seem basically lame until you are in fact, a mother or father. Once you cross over you know these holidays are an awesome way to milk your partner and children for that thing you’ve been wanting, or at the very least, justifiably make your family be at your slaves for a day.

These are also days of potentially awful gifts, if your kids or your partner hate you or generally want to get revenge for something. You can thank me later for handling your shopping issue for you.

I introduce The Booty Pillow. It seems there is a pretty large market of pillows for or with boobs, among other shapes. This is marketed towards women who do not want to cuddle their man after sex, or horny perverts with a really immature sense of humor. Either way I am sure NASCAR is involved…

My personal favorite is the Amsterdaaaam Booty, but you will know the right booty for your man when you see it. Cheetah Booty anyone?

I know what you are thinking–but no, they do not offer engraving. I can guarantee, however, that this gift will make it a Father’s Day he won’t forget.

Nothing says "I love you" like replacing your woman with a stuffed, trashier, well-shaped version of her ass.


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