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Birthday Party Success December 13, 2010

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So I finally broke down and threw a birthday party for Sofia, who just turned 3. I never felt right about giving her a party before now because she would not remember it, so I have chosen to have quiet birthday cupcake celebrations with family where we all marvel at the fact that under our watch, she has survived another year of life.

So, this being the first birthday party, I had to go big–meaning family, friends and school mates were all invited. To one function. At my house.

Sometimes I am smart and sometimes I am not. After the invites went out to the more than sixty people, I knew the jury was out–this was either the best or worst idea I have ever had, especially since my kid was born in December and we live in Raintown USA,  so all these people would literally be inside my house for the entire event.

So I planned a first-Thursday style art party, which was really an excuse for me to appropriately serve wine at the event since I was pretty sure I might need a coping mechanism. Grown-ups had some yummy appetizers and kiddos had a buffet of goldfish, blueberries and PBJ tea sandwiches. There was a table for all the kids to do art which we would  then put in the “gallery” (aka my back yard sliding glass door) and all the parents had fake money so they could “buy” the art.  Then we played pin-the-apple-on the-Magritte, which was easy enough to make. (see image below)

You can pin anything on anything these days...

We did all this plus cake and gifts in two hours.  Major pressure! I don’t even know how to keep my own kid entertained let alone 12 kids, many of whom I have only seen in passing at daycare and whose parents I have never seen.

Amazingly, with about 30 adults, 12 kids under 5, 3 babies and 1 puppy, everyone got along and I think had a great time! Baby girl felt appropriately spoiled and recognized for living life so beautifully.

Having now added this notch to my experienced mother belt, I have two key revelations: 1) I would have liked to have spent more time with baby girl experiencing the party. I got too busy coordinating to savor the moments with her as much as I would have liked. 2) Despite having a great time, I honestly think I prefer the quiet celebrations–it is easier to celebrate the person and not get all caught up in the planning and the presents and other details.

But, I did it, and I did it well if I say so myself. Milestone achieved.


Visual Moments in Motherhood October 14, 2010

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To make my blog more equal opportunity for you visual learners out there, I now include a weekly post of an image that comes up when I google “mother images.” Because I am well-read and classy I then enlighten you by interpreting how the image captures real moments in Motherhood.

Nowadays you can get anything on a stick.



Ah yes. Cold and flu season is upon us. To the left we have the perfect depiction of mother with plague. As we all know, a household with sick child or sick partner (so basically two sick children) is in fact a test of motherly stamina. As if a mother’s regular duties are not enough to keep her going into the night, when illness cloaks the house, it is the universe’s little way of saying, “you think you do it all, but let’s see how you hold up when you really do it all.” And so, after all the illnesses in the family have passed, you are left with mom-on-a-stick. The head is physically there, but frankly she is all used up. The stare is blank and she is praying for things to go back to her normal overload. Unfortunately, just as the family recovers, the plague finds the mother and uses up that last quarter of her body and being. Her reward for being such a good caretaker. After all, families share everything.


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