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It’s the little things… August 9, 2012

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A strange thing happens when your baby becomes a toddler and then a kid. Suddenly they become a bit thoughtful and simultaneously see beauty in mundane and random objects. So, it’s both pleasurable and bizarre when Sofia decides to give me something–sometimes directly or other times as a surprise. Usually she leaves things on my nightstand or by my kitchen sink, most of which are somewhat craptastic in nature, but given my affinity for the giver, all of these little tokens feel like treasures. Here is the latest bounty; rhinestone stickers (stolen from my office), a sticker that no longer sticks, and a penny.


2 Responses to “It’s the little things…”

  1. tadmack Says:

    Aww. It’s like befriending a magpie.

  2. Helenne Asebez- cousin Says:

    Haaa, I remember when my little gems used to leave me colorful treasures, too. I still have them. Tucked away in my box of memories, aging like I am; only to be returned to them (or their children) with the stories that go along. Just by typing this I have teary eyes and achy heart. But I slowly smile, for my tears of today & yesterday’s will be theirs tomorrow.

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