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Kid Weird: A Photo Montage July 20, 2011

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Kids are weird. Mine is especially weird but it is a true fact that all kids are weirdos. Some people call it “creativity” and “imagination” which I think is just doublespeak for weird. I mean, none of us want to give our kids a complex or stifle their weirdness. If we did, what would there be to talk about?

So, here are a couple of samples of the Sofia particular brand of weirdness:




2 Responses to “Kid Weird: A Photo Montage”

  1. tadmack Says:

    Just wait ’til she can write and starts leaving you freakish notes in thought bubbles above the underwear models in the Sunday paper like I did for MY Mom… Then, making friends with the headless mannequins at the mall might start to seem to make sense…

    Love how well she looks in black; too few people put their wee kids in that. And LOVE that yellow car! At least Jeremy look happy…

  2. Mom Says:

    The pictures of Sofia really made me laugh!!! I loved the pics and I love her!

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