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This is a recording February 22, 2011

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Remember when this meant you were sporty--not ancient?


I just heard a story on NPR about this uber-geek who collects 8 tracks and opened a museum of 8 tracks. It apparently all started with The Beatles White Album. The guy has 3000 8 tracks and was talking about how he wanted to collect them because they are the last tangible (i.e. non-digital) musical medium, since the MP3 is now the norm.

This got me thinking of all the relics of recording devices and musical vehicles that Sofia will definitely make fun of me for even knowing about, let alone having used–the CD, the cassette tape, the Walkman. I am embarrassed just to think of my first ever CD–and I won’t tell you readers. Consider the fact that I write about my vagina on this blog and I am too embarrassed to tell you this directly although I have hidden it in my post. It should give you a sense of how bad the choice was.

So this whole 8 track thing got me to this idea–if I could record the top 5 things I constantly say to my child, like a broken record, I could probably add another year’s worth of breath to my life.

1. Brush your teeth

2. Get in bed

3. Wash your hands

4. I love you

5. It’s really a tie between “get in your carseat” and “put on your coat.” I will let the moment decide.

I am thinking this could also be good for husbands/partners. Now I am off to decide what to do with that extra year.


You should buy this. It's a USB inside of a cassette case. So hipster.




One Response to “This is a recording”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    I just spent some time saying, “Close your eyes.”

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