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“Vacation” December 30, 2010

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I would have a smokin' bod if we went back to these fashions...

Tonight I had a lovely dinner with some good friends who just returned from France. Sigh.

We were eating and chatting and decided to open up that card game Table Topics to mix it up a bit. The question came up, “In what era would you live if you had your choice?”

Knowing that being a woman in any era before the 1920s was pretty much going to be a question of which was least evil, my own answer surprised me when I eagerly said “1950s!” (It should be noted here that I am a white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, so the ’50s would have been totally cool for me.)

Now, it is true I may have watched too much Mad Men without really paying attention to anything besides the clothes, but once I was asked to explain my answer it made total sense. Besides the clothes and designated martini hour, things seemed a lot more clear cut. Right and wrong, men’s work and women’s work, family, etc. It all seems less complicated to me and a little of that sounds awesome about now.

Figure, this is after a week at home off work where essentially my family and I had to re-learn how to be together for long periods of time at once. It took us all at least two days to figure out how to just enjoy each others company. It got so intense that at one point I was thinking it’d be more relaxing to just go back to work–I am a pro at navigating that drama.

It sounds very strange but I am guessing it is part of the new modern family structure. Mom and Dad both work full time, which means Johnny and Suzy spend the bulk of their week with a hired caregiver. This leaves a few consecutive hours on the weekends, but usually there are social engagements and other activities to distract. And how many of us spend the bulk of that time in quality interactions? If you are like my family, your husband is on his iPhone or computer, you are doing chores and your kid is watching a movie, or playing with their stuff.

I don’t have a grand conclusion. Just thinking,”huh.”


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