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Visual Moments in Motherhood December 17, 2010

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To make my blog more equal opportunity for you visual learners out there, I now include a weekly post of an image that comes up when I google “mother images.” Because I am well-read and classy I then enlighten you by interpreting how the image captures real moments in Motherhood.

This mother bakes cookies from scratch, sews and knits clothing, recycles, never eats out, takes care of the neighborhood old people, and rubs her husband’s feet at night. This mother would NEVER use the f-word, or feed her kid instant oatmeal or let her little one run around without a coat. This mother doesn’t even own a T.V. and she wouldn’t even think of forgetting the juice for her daughter’s Christmas party at school, because it was hand-pressed apple cider.

Let’s take her out.


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