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If you want to see me write a sex advice column… December 16, 2010

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My lovely friend Krista from the Passion Project, and the editor of my Despiter of the Week column, is launching an alternative weekly paper in Bend, OR. She is under the impression that 1) I am funny 2) can write and 3) have good advice for people on sex to which I think 1) I like when my friends are delusional because 2) it makes things interesting and 3) I figure I can tell people where to put things, you know, down there. I successfully made the sex that one time which produced the kid and all, so I am totally qualified.

So, this is a plea for some money and I know most of us are broke plus it’s the holidays, but even five smackeroos would help out and then Krista would get to live out her dream of becoming her own Despiter and then I can write about her and it’ll never rain again. (Okay, don’t hold me to that last part.)

Kickstarter asked her to put her project up for funding, which is major.

If you are feeling give-y and want to help a couple of kooky ladies keep up their writing, please click here.

Muchas Gracias, Feliz Navidad and Gesundheit.


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