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Boobs cause a ruckus. Again. October 23, 2010

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Thankfully for once it is not my boobs getting someone in trouble.

A group of Washington state high school football referees, trying to support the Susan G.Komen foundation are in hot water for trying to save the boobies of the world.

They chose to donate their paychecks from this weeks games to the foundation, and along with it used pink whistles, which is apparently a referee uniform violation. Two things should be noted here. 1)The violation is to use any color other than black, not just pink. 2) Technically black is not considered a color, but rather a shade, as any one who took a high school art class probably knows.

I digress.

So the assholes at the Federation of Fucks (aka the Washington Officials Association) are going to suspend the refs for another two games–making them go without three weeks worth of pay in the long run. The head fuck, Todd Stordahl says he had to make an example out of the refs for not getting permission ahead of time to break the rules. This statement makes it painfully obvious that his brain is made from styrofoam, since it’s not really breaking the rules when you ask permission. Furthermore, since when was there ever a rule against being a decent, generous, and thoughtful human being?

The Pacific Northwest Football Association is working on getting this all figured out. They must like boobies more than Stordahl. What a boob scrooge.

This is an incredible photo.


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