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Penises! September 25, 2010

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Sorry for being a day late friends! WordPress took the night off apparently…

I like penises (peni?). A lot. Especially lately.

Anyway, I happened upon some fun penis facts whilst searching WebMD for pictures of childhood illnesses, a sexy Friday night activity, and thought there were some fascinating things out there that you should know, if you don’t already. The penis does, after all, have a story, just as a vagina does.

The Life Cycle of a Penis (I will refrain from a Lion King joke here…)

5 Things You never Knew About Your Penis And you thought you were so close…

Who cares about Franken fish. I am more worried about Frankenpenis.

Oral sex can give you throat cancer, but don’t let your man read this one because it includes all oral sex: Good news?!

Be careful girls. Like all medical websites, WebMD can sometimes ensure that curiosity kills the cat (ahem) and go too far like with it’s slideshow called “Sex Drive Killers.” Why would anyone want to watch that?


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