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Cranky? Maybe your boobs need a good night’s sleep. September 17, 2010

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One of the fun parts of being a woman is the expectation that you accessorize. Accessories is a broad enough categorization so that it can include almost any bauble that one can throw their money away on for the sake of maintaining an image of womanhood. Womanhood necessitates accessorization.

The accessory can range from cute shoes or earrings, to stylish baby to sexy husband to fancy laptop to meat dress. Ahem. Ok, so that last one may be a little extreme…

We all know there is a lot of equipment that goes into womanhood, and I am glad that the folks at Kush have not overlooked those of us who have perhaps the best accessory that God can grant us: boobies.

At the end of a long day of bringing home the bacon and maintaining our household, our bodies are tired, and your boob exhaustion should not be underestimated or overlooked. Give your boobs the rest they need by sleeping with the Kush pillow nestled between your fun bags.

Check it out: Boob Pillow

In case you are wondering if it works, you should rest assured because the hot Dr. from that show The Doctors endorses it on the website. He is a renowned authority on TTS (tired titty syndrome) and is launching a public awareness campaign to ensure that all of our racks stay rested and perky. Plus, he is on TV so you know you can totally trust his advice.

So buy one and give your twins the night off. Plus, you can buy them in cute matching skin tones!

For those of you who are on a tight budget in this economy, feel free to DIY and substitute the Kush pillow with your trusty dildo.

BTW, I may or may not be writing this at a happy hour with a vodka press and lime.

Happy Friday!


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