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Operation be Healthier Than Mom June 18, 2010

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Dear readers,

I am tired today. Part of it is because of my life, and part of it is because of Portland weather–it is 64 degrees here and I am truly concerned that I am doomed to be indoors with my two-year-old for an infinite amount of time.

I have been going to the gym for over a month now, three times a week, and have not lost a pound. In fact, last time I checked I gained one (and I am eating mostly healthy, so don’t even fucking ask me that.)

I am bored at work. Sigh.

I have no idea on earth what I want to do with myself. Some days I want to have a power career, others I want to be a stay-at-home mom, and others I want to be a writer in a cafe in Europe.

And today, I happened across yet another article on how to be a SuperMom. So I am here to write to you and share with the world that I have no desire to be Super.  In fact, I’d be pretty satisfied with just being Decent, but I have found no articles on how to be a decent mom, which seems like there is more of a need for given the horror stories I know we all have of our mothers.

My baseline goal is to simply be better than my mom was. This is why I go to the gym, I got a degree, I waited until I was married to have my kid, and I make sure to take time away for myself to decompress my troubles. Oh, and I earn the income. Isn’t that enough?

Wow. Can't wait to be her.


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