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Taking Parenting Seriously June 11, 2010

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Don’t worry readers. This post is not going to get all proper or anything…

You have got to see this:

Did you laugh as hard as I did?  Taking Children Seriously? The beauty of children is that they are in no way serious!

Take me Seriously!

So let me back up because this article and this theory are not total bullshit. Just most of it. I can completely get on board with respecting children and not treating them like they are inanimate objects. I talk to Sofia with the same multi-syllabic words as I do my husband, and I try and make sure that just because I am bigger than her and in charge, that I take into account her feelings and what I am teaching her with my actions. So, I don’t eat her gummy bears without asking, and if she won’t share them with me then I respect her right to not share (even though it is not very nice). I do actually think about these things most times.

But then there are times that it doesn’t matter what she wants because if I left it up to her she’d eat dog food and stay in bed all day naked, putting chapstick on her butt.

Girls without structure and discipline grow up to be strippers and druggies and damaged goods. Just look at Lindsey Lohan. She is in her early twenties and she looks thoroughly used up.

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Here is another clue as to why this TCS theory can’t be taken as gospel: “I go out of my way to explain my thinking to my son, but eventually I get tired of his relentless arguments and I put my foot down. By doing so, say the TCSers, I am crushing my son’s inherent rationality.” The fact that TCSers think that infants and toddlers are rational is a clue that they are full of shit. Did you know that infant girls have the same level of hormones as a grown woman? (For more on that, checkout “The Female Brain,” by Louann Brizendine.) So many hormones in such a small body does not a rational person make. Why would toddlers push boundaries if they did not in fact, want to understand the structure?

I claim no expertise on the theory of TCS–my only knowledge of it is the above article. However, I find it interesting that for all their theories, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to prove that the TCS parenting actually works. And frankly, I think the less seriously we all take ourselves, regardless of age, the better off we will be.


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