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If permits were given out for parenting, we probably wouldn’t get one… April 11, 2010

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On a fancy night out at Old Spaghetti Factory, my husband and I are sitting with Sofia, feeding her a meatball. Daddy makes a joke that he can feed baby girl better to get her away from me so I can try eating something while it is still warm–it’s cute how he still tries.

Anyway, I ask Sofia if she can say “wanker” and to my surprise she does with exactitude. Then her Daddy asks her if she can say “puta” which she also executes quite perfectly. She cannot, however, say “pinche cavrone,” much to my relief. (Don’t laugh, but I totally spell checked pinche cavrone! No actually, you should laugh.)

And this is why if you needed a permit to have a kid, we probably would not get one.


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