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Preposterous Pondering.

Writer’s Block Collection March 11, 2010

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I am sorry I have neglected you for so long. I promise I have thought about you at least everyday. And, in my thinking about you I have been thinking of something witty and funny and interesting to say–some new revelation about motherhood or feminism or myself or my kid. I have been waiting for that aha moment I usually get when I just have to blog on a topic that comes up in my general goings on.

Alas, nothing has come to mind. Literally, I don’t think I have been thinking about anything since my last post. My brain has become an empty cob-webbed attic.

I thought to myself, surely I have been thinking about something, and I suppose this is true. I have thought about how young 18 year old women are (when I hosted an alumni dinner for prospective students at my alma mater). I have thought about who should win an Oscar even though I haven’t seen half the movies. I thought about how cute the lead singer of Vampire Weekend is, how he’d be fun to sexually corrupt,  and what a cougar I am for thinking that.  I have thought about my upcoming birthday when I will turn 30 and figured I should have a lot of thoughts on that. I have thought that I wanted to die this past two weeks because all of us in my house have some nasty cold/cough thing that is really kicking our asses and how will I muster up the energy to feed my kid, bathe myself and do a decent job at work.

None of this seemed, by itself , interesting enough to merit a blog.


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