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oh shit! January 5, 2010

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These are the words my sweet almost two-year-old uttered the other night when she broke a styrofoam cup she was using. She repeatedly said “oh shit” in exactly the right intonations for the meaning.  She knows that when something goes wrong, mommy says “oh shit” and what is good for the goose…

Is it wrong of me to think this is seriously hilarious? On the one hand I know it is wrong because mothers are not supposed to teach their daughters to curse and I will certainly be embarrassed the day her teacher pulls me aside with concern to share with me that my daughter is in danger of growing up with a sailor mouth and will likely become a barmaid if I don’t immediately correct it. I will likely blame the non-existant neighbor kid.

I know this, yet I still can’t help but giggle every time I replay her little curse-fest in my head. My own philosophy on cursing is that it is pretty awesome and despite my robust vocabulary I have found no comparable replacement for my friends “shit” “fuck” and “damn.”

Why do we get our panties in a bunch over this in our society?


2 Responses to “oh shit!”

  1. Mackenzie Says:

    Hello, I’m a friend of Emily Gelblum’s and a new mommy and I think that so far you have an awesome plan. Growing up we had the in-house curse word rule. At home we could say whatever we wanted, but if I got in trouble for saying something at school my mother would deny she’d ever said it. I am a sucessful strong woman and not a barmaid, so I think your youngin with be fine.

    • tigrmom Says:

      Hi Mackenzie! Thanks for reading and thanks for the reassurances. Congrats on not being a barmaid! I was going to add to this post that now my daughter emphaticallys says dammit, as well. I can’t take ownership for that one, but it still cracks me up…

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