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Photo Mania December 13, 2009

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I just finished printing up some photos of Sofia and Jeremy and I for her Grandma and Auntie. I also finished putting some on Facebook and tagging all the interested parties. Then I got obsessively distracted by how unorganized my pics and albums are in iPhoto and started rifling through them–deleting the ones with people I can’t even name anymore, and it got me thinking about pictures.

Sofia has, quite literally, been photographed by my husband and I at least a thousand times. This started on Day 1 of her life, and every trip, birthday, Christmas, Halloween, outfit sent from relative, first time with cousins, etc. is documented. There are so many photos of her I could never put them all in albums.

Documenting her and sending out these moments was yet another mom-duty that I didn’t think about prior to birth–and figure, Sofia has 6 grandparents so for every momentous photo, I must upload, print, copy and send, numerous times. I am terrible at doing this often because it is such a pain. I find it incredibly overwhelming when I do want to print a picture of her, because there are too many to choose from. I want everyone I know to just get a Facebook page to make my life easier–is that too much to ask? Oh wait–get a FB account AND learn how to print pictures from it.

Anyway, with all this photo fun it got me thinking, why do we take photos nowadays? Are pictures still worth a thousand words? Can we possibly have that much to say? Before, they were only used to document special occasions and you’d put them in an album for later nostalgia and reminiscing. Now it seems that photography is only for the fleeting moment. I’d guess that most of us don’t even print half of the photos we take. Which leads to another pondering: will our generation be as well-documented as others? Or, will our memories and histories die out with our hard drives?


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