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Top 5 Baby Products I am Grateful For November 9, 2009

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For the moms-to-be out there. A thank you to American ingenuity (or Chinese)

1. disposable bottle sanitizing bags–no more boiling! Just pop it in the microwave and voila!

2. the diaper bag backpack–it’s not giant, dads love it, and when you are on your own, you aren’t schlepping as much!

3. the boppy pillow–a must for breast-feeding. (Also for third trimester the body pillow was amazing–mine was named Roger.)

4. the suction cup plate and bowls and  place mat–before your kid gets too smart and while they are still super messy, you can at least localize the lunch art (and with the place mat feel guilt free in restaurants)

5. baby legs crotchless leggings–perfect for the midnight diaper change–you don’t have wrestle your sleeping munchkin out of their pants!

Modern motherhood is truly blessed to have these inventions around making us worried about one (or 5) less things in our day.


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