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Poop DuJour November 5, 2009

Filed under: Mommy Issues — Scribbling Dame @ 5:06 pm

This is one of those observations that only other mothers can appreciate. Sorry to gross you out readers… 

This past week, I have had at least 4 meals where someone blatantly pooed while I was eating and there way no way of ignoring it.

My kid will literally be sitting next to me eating and then all-of-a-sudden decide that it is THE right moment for a movement. So, the ambiance of my meal becomes the confused little scrucnhy face she makes with the grunting sounds, followed by the aroma of the obvious. This has happened before but this week she has done this 3 times.

I thought one day as I was eating lunch with my husband and Sofia was away that I safe. But, he has been sick lately and so stopped mid-meal, went to our nearby downstairs bathroom and proceeded to handle business–the process of which was entirely audible over the fan and closed door.

You know you are a mother when you just want to eat two meals in a row without someone shitting in your vicinity.


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