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I Suck at Discipline October 13, 2009

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I never thought this would happen to me. I have been a take-charge kick-ass woman since I can remember, so I always thought that I would be a natural disciplinarian once the time came. But I suck at it. I never prepared myself fot the one secret weapon that my daughter was born with: she can make me crack up in an instant.

All of a sudden, when faced with a mischievious 2-year-old, it is in my face. I am even realizing that I sucked at discipline before Sofia was born. Our dog Chachi doesn’t listen to me either–or my husband for that matter. (Looking at that sentence it sounds like my husband doesn’t listen to me, but I actually meant the dog doesn’t listen to my husband 🙂

So now I am in a house of utter chaos with my dog barking and biting and eating food from my daughter’s hand and my kid eating god-knows-what from the floor, scrubbing the floor with her toothbrush, eating boogies, etc. I try, dear reader, to put a stop to it all, but one little grin from Sofia and I cannot keep a straight face. For those of you who know the stage I am talking about, you know that smiling is a dead giveaway that you are weak and ready for domination. Smiling is the equivalent of me picking the boogie and feeding it to her myself.

I have no plan of attack here yet, besides taking the dog to obedience school. Perhaps I can learn some things to apply to my parenting.


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